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About the App

Surprisingly, the native language of world’s mobile phone using community in not English. Also, the absolutely thriving global market for smartphones and related mobile technology is driving demand for translation and localization of mobile apps. For one its renowned and established global client, Algoworks Technologies engineered a multi-lingual translation application. The application sufficed to the need of family-oriented educational reference books and software in various languages.

Multi-lingual educational references which were made available in various soft copies were of great help for school going children in their studies. The Multilingual Translation Application offered users to select their choice of language and get the converted text in the same.

Salient Points

  • Multi-lingual translation application allows translation of words and phrases in more than 22 languages.
  • The application is pre-loaded with simplified travel phrasebook which comprises of over 250 phrases for each languages.
  • Application also offers easy access to multiple translation engines including Google Translate, Bing Translator, and Yahoo Babelfish.
  • Users can easily save and search recent history for quick reference or for an offline use.
  • Application offers text-messaging user interface therefore, enables user-friendliness.
  • Multilingual translation offers users to forward and share translations by email or text messages.
  • Multilingual is a one touch language switching tool, therefore gives users full control of language and engine selectors.

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