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About the App

Photo management is never really easy. And these photos are lovely memories to cherish. They need to be organized, well-managed , prioritize and of course categorize. With this viewpoint, team of professionals at Algoworks, formulated an application which suitably manages your photos and therefore takes complete care of your cherish-able memories. Application PixHub makes a little easier by allowing you to automatically group your photos, so that you can easily toss them into different albums. If you click lot of photos but never find time to sort them into albums, PixHub does that for you. The application analyzes and auto-categorizes your images.

Algoworks, fabricated this great application for one of its elite client who have its presence across the globe. Users can group the photos in various album categories which included friends, outdoor, play and fun, men, party, women. You can also group the photos based on the day, hour, month or year.

Salient Points

  • PixHub allows you to login into application using email credentials.
  • Application allows automatically grouping of your photos.
  • PixHub helps you in grouping photos based on date, time and location, month, year and even hour.
  • Application also allows you to add music to your pictures.
  • Creating albums is fast and organizing them is faster.
  • Application allows you to export these albums and share the same among friends.
  • Categorize, sorting, organizing and managing is very easy in the application.

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