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About the App

Shopping was never easy since the time it took a new dimension of mobile shopping. Mobile Shopping here does not just only refer to visiting the retailer’s website and making purchases using smartphone. Mobile Technology has taken a big leap and so does the team of professionals at Algoworks. Carving the thoughts into customized real-mobile applications is one point formula, which have resulted in establishing our name globally.

For one of our distinguished client who holds a retail incorporation, team of technocrats engineered an online mobile shopping application which simplifies the concept of shopping. Based on the location, users can search the nearby shopping stores and can choose their relevant areas of shopping. Technically equipped, ShopHub application saves much of your time, trips and money. Shopping is now quite easy and quick. With the later version of this application you can be a reward earner for being an avid shopper and therefore allows you to join forces with other savvy shoppers to find the best price for anything you can find under the sun.

Salient Points

  • ShopHub application is a perfect place to shop in various verticals.
  • Very minutely designed and developed, the application holds easy navigable features and therefore users can easily view the desired articles of their choice for purchase.
  • Few verticals which ShopHub application includes Groceries & Staples, Liquor and Beverages, Snacks & Biscuits, Packaged Food, Breakfast & Dairy, Personal Care, Baby Care, Household Needs.
  • ShopHub offers easy and well-managed payment processing gateway where users get a streamlined and secured framework for online shopping.
  • With latest version coming up soon, ShopHub incorporates checking of the latest prices in multiple catalogs, availability of products, comparison of prices, special promotions, discounts, reviews and lowest prices on your smartphone.
  • ShopHub also allow users to chat within the application i.e. shoppers can chat with dealers which is a great query resolution feature of this application.

Business Domain
Technologies and Frameworks
Android, JSP, AWS(RDS), Google Play Services, AWS (RDS)

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