Product reengineering is an important part of the product lifecycle. Sometimes, it involves reverse engineering to focus on modification of an existing product. Product reengineering helps to optimize the performance of a product by adding new functionalities. Moreover, it also helps to take advantage of emerging technologies. Product reengineering can be done to keep pace with competitors, developing new business needs or upgrading legacy applications. Algoworks provides excellent reengineering services which help our clients to fix any issues with previous software development.


Our Approach

At Algoworks, we follow a structured approach while providing product reengineering services :

  • First of all, we understand the current business model of our client.
  • We also identify existing features and modules.
  • We define the problem areas that require modification.
  • The next step is to identify and address the problem.
  • Our team of professionals plans and prioritizes new features that meet current market requirements.
  • We thoroughly analyze existing architecture to check the compatibility and feasibility.
  • We re-design scalable, robust and extendable architecture.
  • We test the reengineered products before delivering them to our clients.
  • We also provide Value added support in live environment


Cloud and Mobile Enablement

Cloud computing market is growing rapidly and will be worth billions of dollars by the end of 2013. SaaS (software as a service) market is expected to do even better. We understand that ISVs (independent software vendors) with rich expertise in new and emerging technologies are short in number. Therefore, we help ISVs by offering them the following :

  • Thorough research facilities for Cloud, SaaS and Mobility expertise to create solutions for faster adoption into client products.
  • We work with our clients to incorporate new technologies into products.
  • We test new technologies and products before committing to significant investments.
  • We have a strong framework for transitioning existing products to SaaS and other technologies.
  • We also provide operating, monitoring and helpdesk support.


UI Modernization

As technical world is evolving and new ways are emerging to connect, collaborate and offer business services in more personalized way, Many product organizations are struggling to find best way to leverage their existing software products and offer best in class smart UI designs and friendly user experiences in their products. At Algoworks, we help in modernization of existing products which leverage investments made into existing products. We delivery user interface modernization in fast and quick turn around time.


Product Migration

Algoworks adopts a realistic approach and studies your business challenges, objectives and product details before recommending any business solution. Team of professionals at Algoworks understands that every business have its own needs and requirements and with our each solution as a customized product we ensure that business objective of our client is fulfilled.Our team is well versed with legacy platforms and latest technologies across Open Source, Microsoft .Net and Java platforms. Moreover, we have rich expertise in migration of products from one technology to another technology. Our migration services will enhance the acceptability of your product in the market and allows you to offer them more competitively.

The market is changing constantly and therefore, you need to transition your products to newer platforms in order to remain competitive. Algoworks has rich expertise in re-architecting existing products into newer technology platforms, including Cloud based platforms.


How much does SalesForce CRM solution implementation would cost?

Algoworks Technologies offers three types of business models:

  • With dedicated technology developers/consultants Algoworks offer Time & Material engagement.
  • Based on set milestones and time-frame Fixed cost Package is offers for re-engineering processes.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum packages for ongoing product support & maintenance.

As a customer centric company, Algoworks is always eager to customize their working models according to its client’s necessities.Therefore, we aim at offering working model according to client’s comfortability.


Client’s vision and our expertise

Algoworks is one of the leading product engineering services provider, offering cloud enablement, UI modernization and migration services to startups to fortune 500 companies globally. We are serving more than 30 clients, building and create more than 50 solutions for them. We can help you too. You can find more details about client’s project in our case studies section.

We help diverse range of clients throughout the world for meeting their product re-engineering need and we can help you too. Feel free to contact us at or call us +1-877-284-1028 to get free evaluation and quote for your product re-engineering solution.