Salesforce is an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) tool that efficiently synchronizes, streamlines and automates your business processes. However, implementing Salesforce in a way to maximize the output can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive especially for those organization who don’t have prior experience about Salesforce.

Algoworks has been providing Salesforce consulting, development, and integration services since 2008. Armed with our many years of service experience, we expertise in delivering unmatched quality Salesforce services in fast turn around times and cost effective rates.

Our team of 40+ certified Salesforce consultants and Salesforce certified developers have delivered more than 200 CRM projects for 100+ customers worldwide. Our Salesforce experts will revitalize your existing cloud practices and systems, develop new Salesforce strategies as per latest trends and standards, and customize your Salesforce product to maximize its efficiency and output.
Salesforce Consultant

Our Salesforce Services :

Salesforce Consulting Services

Our team of certified Salesforce consultants and system architects can help you in streamlining your Salesforce business processes, evaluate and then optimize your existing cloud practices, provide you with complete Salesforce strategy solution, and help you squeeze the most out of your Salesforce solution. Here are our main Salesforce Consultancy services:

  • We expertise in providing complete Salesforce Consulting on requirement analysis.
  • Salesforce Consulting on development of complete service architecture solutions.
  • Maximize Salesforce efficiency and output.
  • Development of complete Salesforce strategy to improve your business.
  • Salesforce consulting on getting the App approved in App Exchange.

Salesforce Development Services

To realize the complete potential of Salesforce solution and to mold the Salesforce product to suit companies needs, custom Salesforce app development is required. We are experts in custom Salesforce and Salesforce1 App development and our certified Salesforce Developers and Architects can handle all your development needs. Here are our main Salesforce development services:

  • Custom Salesforce App development based on requirements.
  • User-centric Salesforce dashboard and user interface development.
  • Extending services and functionalities in client’s Salesforce CRM cloudspace.
  • Custom Salesforce app development and custom adapter development using, Apex,, and Triggers.
  • Create Visualforce pages, custom S-controls, Triggers, custom Views, Page Layouts, efficient Workflows, and Apex classes.

Salesforce Customization Services

Do you need to extend the functionalities of Salesforce product? Or if you need to re-optimize your Salesforce Configuration? Or do you need new custom dashboards and user interfaces? Don’t worry, we can take care of everything. Here are our main Salesforce customization services:

  • Customize and personalize existing Salesforce solution according to business needs.
  • Salesforce Customization CRM to create functions that generate custom Salesforce reports.
  • Developing custom Salesforce dashboards.
  • Salesforce customization for apps.
  • Salesforce Configuration optimization and Customization.

Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce in nothing without its ability to connect and integrate with popular third party applications. We can make your Salesforce solution integrate seamlessly and smoothly with third-party applications, cloud based and local system based solutions, and external databases. Here what we do in our Salesforce Integration services:

  • Integration of Salesforce with On Premise Apps like ERP, Databases, Legacy Systems, Applications, Accounting Systems, etc.
  • Salesforce Integration with external cloud based systems like Amazon Web Services & Google App Services.
  • Integrating Salesforce solution with mobile apps to stimulate productivity and increase business results.
  • Integration of Salesforce with third party apps like Quickbooks, Jitterbit, Paypal, Evernote, and other popular apps.

Salesforce Migration Services

Still burdened by legacy CRM systems? Still dealing with inefficiencies of old business database management solutions? Time to make a switch to Salesforce. We can help you in migrating from legacy and modern CRM systems to Salesforce CRM solution. Here what we can do for you through our Salesforce Migration services.

  • Salesforce migration from ACT! and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Migration from Sage CRM, Goldmine, Sage SalesLogix, bespoke systems, and SugarCRM.
  • Migration of databases from legacy systems or custom databases to Salesforce databases.

Salesforce Support Services

Want to upgrade your Salesforce to a newer version? Or just want to troubleshoot those pesky bugs in your cloud solution? Algoworks can help. Our Salesforce development team has a combined experience of 90+ years. We provide a range of Saleforce Support services that can help you in troubleshooting all your Salesforce problems and can eliminate them from their roots. Our main Salesforce Support Services:

  • Providing troubleshooting and development support to live Salesforce customization and installations.
  • Providing Salesforce Server Administration services.

Why Choose Algoworks?

  • One of the first certified Salesforce consultants companies to start providing Salesforce integration and migration services.
  • Have a team of 40+ Salesforce developers and consultants excelling in every aspect of Salesforce app development and customization.
  • Have 6+ years of experience in Salesforce consulting, integration, Customization, migration and app development.
  • Our certified developers and consultants are extremely punctual about meeting deadlines.
  • Delivered 200+ CRM projects to 100+ happy clients.