JAVA is by far the most used programming language which is used to build both small and large web based applications and Enterprise centric solutions.Algoworks Technologies is the premier custom java development service company and provide complete JAVA/J2EE solutions to both small to medium scale companies and large scale enterprises. In its 8 years of experience it has delivered more than 250 java projects and provides active support to 15+ large enterprise Java projects. We have a full team of 50+ dedicated java developers, managers, and software architects, each an industry best and highly experienced expert in their field.

Services that we offer

  • JAVA Consulting services
    • Requirements analysis and articulation
    • Designing user friendly and Creative UX and UI
    • Consultation on Technology and platform selection
    • Application architecture consulting
  • JAVA/J2EE Development and Customization Services
    • Customized Application Development For Varied Platforms including mobile and desktop
    • Business Intelligence Solutions. Development and Intgeration of Enterprise and other Distributed Applications
    • Application existence. maintenance and support.
    • Cloud and SaaS Enabled Applications
    • Modernization or Migration of old or legacy applications to latest JAVA/J2EE platform
  • Java Testing Services
    • Application Testing with each release
    • Performance Testing of Application
    • Automation Testing using Selenium
  • Java Integration services
    • Integrating SaaS Solutions with enterprise products
    • Integration with CRM,ERP and ECM tools.
    • Java app integration with facebook and other social media
  • Java Migration services
    • Migration of data and application to JAVA/J2EE platform.
    • Business reports modernization and migration
    • Java application migration to cloud

Technical Skillset

Programming Skillset Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JPA, JSF, JMS, REST/JSON, JQuery, MySQL, Oracle,MongoDB
Architectural Skills MVC3, MVC4, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),Enterprise Service Bus(EBS), Distributed n-tier Architecture, GOF design patterns, Distributed Transactions Management,Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Struts, Apache Wicket, Appfuse, GWT
Enterprise Driven Apps Proficiency Enterprise Java Beans, Java Persistence API, Java Message Beans, Distributed transactions, Message Queue, RMI, JNDI
Application Integrations SKills ECM, Salesforce, Liferay, Legacy Systems, Smartphone Applications, 3rd Party Products
Business Intelligence Technology Skills OLAP, OLTP, Business Dashboard, Complex Analytical Solutions, Crystal Reports, Big Data
Mobile Technology Skills Android, PhoneGAP, JQuery Mobile, Titanium
Security and Identity Management Skillset Single Signon, LDAP, oAuth, OpenID, Social Authentication, Active Directory, CAS, Java Cryptography Extension, Digital Certificate, USB Token, Cryptography
Cloud Computing Skills Windows Azure, AmazonEC2, Rackspace,


We are working with many clients as extended teams to collaborate in their application development objectives. We can help you as well. To have a free consultation, please contact us on or call +1-877-284-1028.